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Robert M. Pope Could Have Lost a Father During the Vietnam War

Emboldened by the failure of U.S. forces to bring a quick end to the Vietnam conflict and the failure of a U.S. bombing campaign against the North, North Vietnam military strategists opted to follow the foreign policy espoused by China, which insisted on the reunification of the country via military efforts and a refusal to negotiate with the U.S. for a peaceful end to the conflict.  Militant adherents of the Chinese approach centered their efforts on large scale military actions as opposed to a long-term guerrilla war.  North Vietnam leaders felt, at the end of 1967, that U.S. forces could only be worn down by ‘fighting while talking’, a war of wills.  Robert M. Pope knew nothing of these strategies, as a child watching his father go off to Vietnam.

Robert M Pope New London CTThus was the resolution to pursue a major surprise offensive cemented in North Vietnam.  The hope was that the unpopularity of U.S. presence and with the current South Vietnamese government would push the South’s population over the edge and send them into rebellion in the wake of a major Northern offensive, breaking the conflict deadlock.  More moderate Northern politicians had lesser goals: an end to the bombings of the North by U.S. Air Forces.   Manpower and armament brought to bear for Tet included 81,000 tons of supplies, 200,000 troops, and the re-arming of the Viet Cong with new AK-47’s and grenade launchers.   Total communist forces in January of 1968 were estimated at 323,000 men, with some 20 anti-aircraft artillery units.  The arrogance and assumptions of U.S. military leaders worked against Southern forces like Robert M Pope New London CT father on the Mekong Delta, as American military strategists refused to believe that the North could carry out a large scale assault operation.


Top 3 Ways to Stay Safe at Work with Robert Pope of New London, CT

For Robert Pope of New London, CT, safety is the #1 priority. In his profession as a safety management expert, Robert Pope of New London, CT, has twenty-five years of experience providing safety evaluations and training to individuals and businesses. Throughout his career, Robert Pope of New London, CT, has successfully supervised the safe operation of multiple large-scale construction projects. As a result of his experience in training, Robert Pope of New London, CT, encourages readers to stay safe at work by following established safety procedures, immediately reporting potential hazards, and always wearing personal protection equipment.

As a rule, Robert Pope of New London, CT, urges readers not to question even the most stringent of safety practices. In his experience working with construction companies, Robert Pope of New London, CT, has witnessed numerous situations that had the potential to be life-threatening if established safety measures were not followed properly. Therefore, even if an established procedure seems unnecessary, Robert Pope of New London, CT, urges all employees to strictly follow safety precautions in order to prevent accident and injury.

In addition, Robert Pope of New London, CT, emphasizes the importance of immediately reporting potential safety hazards to designated supervisory staff. The identification and elimination of safety hazards is an important aspect of providing and maintaining a safe workplace for all. For Robert Pope of New London, CT, ongoing communication about safety hazards not only alerts others to potential danger but maintains a constant flow of communication between coworkers.

Lastly, Robert Pope of New London, CT, reminds readers that wearing personal protection equipment is essential in limiting the possibility of work-related accident and injury. In the construction industry, the most common pieces of personal protection equipment include a hardhat, bright colored safety vests, steel-toed boots, and heavy duty work gloves. Robert Pope of New London, CT, recommends checking with your employer for a comprehensive list of required personal protection equipment.

Robert Pope of New London, CT: Avid Reader and Learner

Robert Pope, a New London, CT resident, believes that learning doesn’t ends after school ends. Learning is a life-long process, which Mr. Pope believes can be enriched by reading. Although Robert Pope of New London, CT keeps busy working as a safety inspector and business owner, he always finds time to read.


For Robert Pope of New London, CT, reading is a way to open the mind and develop deeper ways of thinking about the world. Mr. Pope began his career as safety inspector right out of high school, but he soon realized that there was more to life than work. Robert Pope of New London, CT knew that although he had finished school, he was not at all done learning; in fact, he was just beginning to learn about the world.


Robert Pope of New London, CT enjoys reading books that discuss a variety of topics, such as scientific theory, psychology, quantum physics, sociology, and metaphysical topics. Stephen Hawking is one of the authors Mr. Pope is most drawn to. Robert Pope of New London, CT first read Hawking’s A Brief History of Time in his early 20s. Mr. Pope then realized how interested he was in learning about the Big Bang theory. Robert Pope of New London, CT found Hawking’s writing engaging and thought provoking. From then, Mr. Pope has been interested in authors who discuss a variety of different scientific theories.


Most recently, Robert Pope of New London, CT has been interested in Brian Greene’s writing. In particular, Mr. Pope has been enthusiastic about Greene’s The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos, a book that poses the question of the existence of other universes. Robert Pope of New London, CT appreciates the physicist’s point of view that Brian Greene offers. Mr. Pope believes that reading books by authors such as Stephen Hawking and Brian Greene offers a new perspective on life.

Robert Pope of New London, CT Enjoys Great 80s Music

Robert Pope, a New London, CT resident, remembers when MTV wasn’t just about The Jersey Shore; he remembers the channel that played music videos, and good ones at that! Pope was a teenager when the channel premiered, and he recalls being glued to the television watching music videos. For Robert Pope of New London, CT, two artists in particular really stuck out: Stevie Nicks and Heart. He has been fortunate enough to see the two artists recently in concert.


For Robert Pope of New London, CT, going to concerts has been a pastime since he was a teenager. He saw many big artists in the 1980s, such as Madonna. However, Robert Pope of New London, CT had always hoped to see Stevie Nicks or Heart perform, but he never had a chance as a teenager. Mr. Pope had the chance to see both artists over the past few years. The concerts were everything he could have hoped for.


Because Robert Pope of New London, CT doesn’t live too far from New York City, he is able to drive up to see many concerts. Mr. Pope believes that summer is the best season to see concerts, as outdoor concerts are his favorite kind. Robert Pope of New London, CT enjoys attending concerts with friends and family. Mr. Pope goes to enjoy the music, and sometimes to spend the entire weekend in The Big Apple.


Although Robert Pope of New London, CT isn’t a fan of the “new” MTV, he appreciates how technology has changed since the 1980s. He especially likes how we are able to enjoy music on the go. Robert Pope of New London, CT is an active runner and likes that he can bring his favorite 80s tunes along with him for a long run. He acknowledges the benefits of a portable mp3 player to an old fashioned Walkman!

Robert Pope of New London, CT is a life-long Baseball Fan

If there’s one thing Robert Pope of New London, CT loves, it is the great American sport of baseball. Pope grew up playing baseball and has been a fan of the sport since childhood. Robert Pope of New London, CT was even an all-star baseball player in Babe Ruth League and in high school.


Robert Pope of New London, CT enjoys the sport of baseball not only for the season it’s played in (although summer in New England is quite beautiful), but because of the skill and precision it takes. He understands how much focus is on the individual in baseball, compared to many other sports such as basketball or football. As an all-star player, Pope played many positions, including pitcher. Robert Pope of New London, CT knows that much of the action in baseball has to do with the individual’s performance.


These days, Robert Pope of New London, CT doesn’t play much baseball, but that doesn’t mean he has lost touch with the sport. Pope follows the Boston Red Sox religiously. When Robert Pope, a New London, CT resident, has the time, he enjoys making the trip to Fenway Park to see the Red Sox play. Like many fans, Mr. Pope loves opening day at Fenway Park. Robert Pope of New London, CT also believed in the so-called “Curse of the Bambino” and he was very relieved when in 2004 the Red Sox won the World Series. Pope one day hopes to be able to be a season ticket holder to all Red Sox games.


When Robert Pope of New London, CT isn’t busy watching the Red Sox play, he enjoys practicing throwing fastballs and curve balls at the local baseball field. Pope appreciates the athleticism of the sport and likes to brush up on his own skills from time to time.

Robert Pope of New London, CT: Avid Outdoorsman

Robert Pope, a New London, CT resident, keeps busy working as a safety inspector and performing safety inspection consultation through his business, ACS Solutions. What Pope enjoys most about his profession is that it allows him to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, as he performs many on-site physical inspections. Robert Pope of New London, CT is a true outdoors aficionado whose hobbies include cycling, running, and fishing. Pope believes that being active and spending time outdoors keeps him feeling fit and his mind sharp.


Living in New England provides Robert Pope of New London, CT with many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Robert has always enjoyed running, as it is a way to relieve stress and clear his mind. Robert Pope of New London, CT has found a new passion for running outdoors, especially on a crisp fall morning. He believes that a treadmill can’t compare to running next to the water or through the mountains.


Robert Pope of New London, CT also likes riding his bike as often as he can. He believes that Connecticut has one of the most beautiful landscapes to cycle through. Pope also has said that cycling is one of the best ways to truly see an area, as he can really feel the lay of the land.


In addition to running and cycling, Robert Pope of New London, CT, is an avid fisherman. He enjoys mainly freshwater fishing; however, Pope has also fished in saltwater. Robert Pope of New London, CT has also had the opportunity to go deep sea fishing. He enjoyed the experience, but notes that it is much different than fishing in a lake or river. Robert Pope, a New London, CT fisherman, believes that fishing in fresh water is more relaxing and enjoyable (as there is less chance of sea sickness!).

Safety Consultant Robert Pope New London CT

Working in any industry can be a dangerous business. Many people have seen the famous photographs of workers eating or sitting on beams while building the Empire State Building. For people with a fear of heights, it also strikes up a concern about workers’ safety both past and present. Workers’ safety has come a long way over the years driven by employees and safety professionals like Robert Pope New London CT.

He is a strong advocate for safety. Robert Pope New London CT provides job safety analysis and job hazard analysis, implements and edits safety programs, provides safety training, and investigates or reconstructs work accidents. He possesses 25 years of experience in safety, and created his own company, where he works as a safety professional.

In addition to working out of his own company, Robert Pope New London CT is a safety evaluator with other companies. He performs his consultation work in multiple states. His services have been used by companies in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. To continue his safety consultation services, Robert Pope New London CT has to continuously maintain his certifications.

Robert Pope New London CT is certified in the safety industry and an Authorized safety Trainer. To maintain his professional credentials, he has to become recertified every four years. He is also a member of various professional safety organizations. He is an original member since 1993 and renews his membership every year. He developed an evaluation program to help safety professionals further understand the safety needs in the business.

Safety is important to Robert Pope New London CT. In addition to consultation work, he’s held a number of important safety leadership roles. In 1990, he was part of mobile cranes and rigging safety management, asbestos abatement supervisor in 1996, hazardous waste supervisor in 1998, forklift safety trainer in 1999, and was lead abatement supervisor in 2000.

Safety Training Provided by Robert Pope New London CT

Robert Pope New London CT understands safety. He is a work safety professional. He created his own company to promote his work in safety management. He has 25 years of experience. His work ranges from implementing safety programs, safety training, investigation and reconstruction, to record-keeping.

As a safety professional, it is Robert Pope New London CT’s job to implement the best safety procedures possible. He uses his expertise to not only look at work safety risks, but prepare individuals with the safety knowledge they need to operate machinery. He works to protect workers by providing required training. He also provides new employee safety orientations.

In addition to implementing training sessions for new employees or as a safety refresher, Robert Pope New London CT reviews and edits contracts to include safety requirements of all employers. While it may seem like it is outside the scope of work safety or safety on the job, he also sets up drug testing programs for companies.

Robert Pope New London CT’s ability to judge safety is reinforced every four years. Since 1995, he has been industry certified. He is recertified every four years. He is also an Authorized safety Trainer. He became authorized as a trainer in 1999 and becomes recertified every four years.  From 1996 to 1998, he was a certified Associate Safety Professional and worked a number of supervisory positions in the past including: mobile cranes and riggings safety management, lead abatement supervisor, asbestos abatement supervisor, forklift safety trainer, and hazardous waste supervisor.

In 1996, Robert Pope New London CT received acknowledgement for Continuous Quality Improvement by Tompkins Builders. He is a practicing safety professional in multiple states and in 2012, copyrighted a Proprietary Safety evaluation program. He developed an evaluation program to help safety professionals further understand the safety needs in the business.

Robert Pope’s Ways to Succeed in Owning Your Own Company

Robert Pope from New London, CT works in the safety industry and he owns his own company. Robert Pope knows how to operate your own business successfully. One of the first things Robert believes in is ‘do what you know.’ Robert Pope has 25 years of experience in the field of safety. He has worked with many companies in the past gaining this experience to be confident enough to start his own company.

Robert Pope also knows how to network, which is another important aspect to have when starting your own company. Robert has his professional profile on the professional social media site LinkedIn. Along with his professional profile, he also has his businesses profile on LinkedIn to add to the possible exposure of his company.

Along with the social media networking, Robert Pope is also a member of organizations that allow his to talk and interact with others in his same field of work. Robert is certified in safety, a member of various safety organizations, and a Safety Trainer.

These are a few aspects to work on when starting your own business. Robert Pope says to make sure this is what you want to do, because it is a long-term decision. Also be ready to deal with problems when they arise by planning out every step in your business plan. You must have a passion for what you are doing, because without that, your company will most likely fail. Robert Pope plans on continuing to grow his business by sticking to these rules, and finding new ones along the way. Hopefully these points help you assess whether or not you have what it takes to make your business idea a reality.

Robert Pope’s Ways to Maintain a Safe Work Environment

Robert Pope from New London, CT works in the safety industry. His main job is to evaluate and make sure that the work on a job site is being carried out to the safety regulations & requirements. Robert Pope knows the ins and outs of how to maintain a safe work environment. Here are a few tips on how to be safe while on the job.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Whether you are on a job or in an office setting, always be aware of what/who you are around. This awareness should curb the way you carry out the actions of your job to make sure no one gets hurt.

Always be vigilant. Everything never goes as planned. Be aware of a change in your workplace and take note of these changes. Have these changes keep you aware of what might possibly happen if you should carry out your work as normal, and make the decision based on if this is the safest way.

Always be prepared to work, physically and mentally. If your job is one that requires a lot of physical activity or heavy lifting, be sure to properly stretch out beforehand to reduce the probability of a pull or strain in your muscles. No matter what job you are performing, always show up in a sober state of mind to carry out your occupation. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. No one wants to work with a drunk, and this increases the probability of you causing an accident in the workplace tremendously.

These are a few tips of Robert Pope’s that will help maintain safety in your place of work. Some of these tips are common sense, but usually get overlooked by workers regularly. If you are confused or have any questions about any safety procedures, contact your job’s safety inspector.

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