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Robert M. Pope of New London, CT Endured the Painful Separations of the Military Brat

The entire military family is engaged in military life, and it changes who they are.   Robert M. Pope endured the constant goodbyes, and the hopeful and joyous hellos, as his father, a Naval officer, was often called away on short cruises or was out to sea for long periods. Enduring the pain of separations is painful and an exercise in hurt. The child is aware of the physical pain of the constant training the parent goes through, the foot blisters, the aching muscles, and the sleeplessness.

Robert M Pope New London CTRobert M Pope New London CT also had to learn the loneliness and yearning of birthdays, graduations and holidays without his Dad, and the frantic and anxious attempts to make up for those missing days when his Dad came back into port.Robert saw the loneliness of his Mom, and other military moms, and that feeling of abandonment when there was no one to come to Dad’s night at school. Robert M. Pope’s Dad was enlisted at the time of the Vietnam War, and he volunteered for the river boats in the jungle delta waterways. Expecting to die in Vietnam, Officer Pope worked to adopt Robert from oversees, wanting to ensure that his wife and adopted son would be cared for if the worst should happen.

Duty on the patrol boats, or Patrol Boat River (PBR), was a designation of the Navy for the rigid-hulled patrol boats used in the sloughs of the Mekong Delta, and others, of Vietnam, from approximately 1966 to the end of United States Vietnam involvement in 1971.


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