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How Modern Worship has Changed

The church has had to change to grow with the larger and versatile crowd that is coming every week. Not to mention, the new technology that is seen everywhere today. The modern day invention of the Internet was so impactful that no area of human life was left unaffected. It is now God’s will to use this new technology to deliver His message in a way that it never has been before.

Robert M Pope New London CT

Robert M Pope New London CT

The Church encourages utilizing technology for the purpose of spreading God’s word, as it is simply a new avenue for an old method. Instead of avoiding or abhorring the change of the Internet the church has embraced it, adapting in a way that allows the church to spread their message faster and more effectively than ever. This power has made the Church’s mission more realizable than ever, to educate everyone in the world about the power of God and everything that He gives.
The adaptation of the church to remain modern for the youth of today is something that was a conscious decision. The Church accepts the Internet because it believes it is an advent of God, something that gives the church and the preachers within to share their message directly via video and uploads.

Robert M Pope New London CT has now dedicated himself to the mission of God, spreading His word and growth through the Church. He believes that using technology is one of the best ways of reaching the youth and spreading the word.


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