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Learning God’s Grace in Life

God designed us in a way so that our lives on Earth would prepare us for a higher plane of existence afterward, one that will unify us all into an eternal paradise. Being kind and pure hearted is not just something we should strive for in the image of yourself, but in your mind as well. This inevitable merger with God is something that all of humanity should be preparing for, and the sole purpose of our life on Earth.

Robert M Pope New London CT

Robert M Pope New London CT

The Bible teaches that man and woman were sculpted in God’s image because eventually He wanted us to take our place among Him as a friend. God had to prepare us for this because it is would be too much all at once to be thrown in all at the same time. All of this is possible because God sculpted man and woman in His image, which gives us the ability to learn and grow and become greater than what we are. There is so much to explore in the universe, and that the human mind and intellect is expanding so much every day, growing more rapidly to understand things that we previously never could have even fathomed.

Robert M Pope of New London CT has spent many of his days of leisure studying the grace and power of God. As a spiritual man, it has become his sole duty in life to develop an intimate and closer relationship with God. This will help expand his understanding and other’s understanding of consciousness and the universe as a whole.


How to Improve Relationships With the People in Your life

The world is filled with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and belief systems, and this means that it can be hard to understand each other sometimes. The drawback of this can be that you don’t get along with certain people as easily as others. It is God’s will that we remain close to our fellow man and that it is part of the overall development that will get each person ready for their eventual trip to heaven.

Robert M Pope of New London CT does this by using modern age technology and methods to reach a wider audience overall and unite people all over the world. By uniting people this way, he believes that you can better your relationships between the people in your life. It is these people that test your faith, and you should make the most effort to relate to them. Everyone can find common ground.

It is important for humans to stay connected with each other and remember that we all share the same planet. Goodwill towards man is something that isn’t achieved without effort, something that goes doubly when it comes to trying to relate to others. The Internet is also great for another thing, for improving relationships, between people both close to you and far away from you.
Robert M Pope says that he makes an effort every day to reach out to someone new, improving both his life and hopefully theirs as well. He is a spiritual man who now devotes most of his time to helping the local Church and spreading the word of God to the furthest reaches of the world.

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