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Robert Pope of New London, CT: Avid Reader and Learner

Robert Pope, a New London, CT resident, believes that learning doesn’t ends after school ends. Learning is a life-long process, which Mr. Pope believes can be enriched by reading. Although Robert Pope of New London, CT keeps busy working as a safety inspector and business owner, he always finds time to read.


For Robert Pope of New London, CT, reading is a way to open the mind and develop deeper ways of thinking about the world. Mr. Pope began his career as safety inspector right out of high school, but he soon realized that there was more to life than work. Robert Pope of New London, CT knew that although he had finished school, he was not at all done learning; in fact, he was just beginning to learn about the world.


Robert Pope of New London, CT enjoys reading books that discuss a variety of topics, such as scientific theory, psychology, quantum physics, sociology, and metaphysical topics. Stephen Hawking is one of the authors Mr. Pope is most drawn to. Robert Pope of New London, CT first read Hawking’s A Brief History of Time in his early 20s. Mr. Pope then realized how interested he was in learning about the Big Bang theory. Robert Pope of New London, CT found Hawking’s writing engaging and thought provoking. From then, Mr. Pope has been interested in authors who discuss a variety of different scientific theories.


Most recently, Robert Pope of New London, CT has been interested in Brian Greene’s writing. In particular, Mr. Pope has been enthusiastic about Greene’s The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos, a book that poses the question of the existence of other universes. Robert Pope of New London, CT appreciates the physicist’s point of view that Brian Greene offers. Mr. Pope believes that reading books by authors such as Stephen Hawking and Brian Greene offers a new perspective on life.


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