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Robert Pope of New London, CT: Avid Outdoorsman

Robert Pope, a New London, CT resident, keeps busy working as a safety inspector and performing safety inspection consultation through his business, ACS Solutions. What Pope enjoys most about his profession is that it allows him to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, as he performs many on-site physical inspections. Robert Pope of New London, CT is a true outdoors aficionado whose hobbies include cycling, running, and fishing. Pope believes that being active and spending time outdoors keeps him feeling fit and his mind sharp.


Living in New England provides Robert Pope of New London, CT with many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Robert has always enjoyed running, as it is a way to relieve stress and clear his mind. Robert Pope of New London, CT has found a new passion for running outdoors, especially on a crisp fall morning. He believes that a treadmill can’t compare to running next to the water or through the mountains.


Robert Pope of New London, CT also likes riding his bike as often as he can. He believes that Connecticut has one of the most beautiful landscapes to cycle through. Pope also has said that cycling is one of the best ways to truly see an area, as he can really feel the lay of the land.


In addition to running and cycling, Robert Pope of New London, CT, is an avid fisherman. He enjoys mainly freshwater fishing; however, Pope has also fished in saltwater. Robert Pope of New London, CT has also had the opportunity to go deep sea fishing. He enjoyed the experience, but notes that it is much different than fishing in a lake or river. Robert Pope, a New London, CT fisherman, believes that fishing in fresh water is more relaxing and enjoyable (as there is less chance of sea sickness!).


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