Robert M Pope New London CT

Safety Expert

Safety Consultant Robert Pope New London CT

Working in any industry can be a dangerous business. Many people have seen the famous photographs of workers eating or sitting on beams while building the Empire State Building. For people with a fear of heights, it also strikes up a concern about workers’ safety both past and present. Workers’ safety has come a long way over the years driven by employees and safety professionals like Robert Pope New London CT.

He is a strong advocate for safety. Robert Pope New London CT provides job safety analysis and job hazard analysis, implements and edits safety programs, provides safety training, and investigates or reconstructs work accidents. He possesses 25 years of experience in safety, and created his own company, where he works as a safety professional.

In addition to working out of his own company, Robert Pope New London CT is a safety evaluator with other companies. He performs his consultation work in multiple states. His services have been used by companies in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. To continue his safety consultation services, Robert Pope New London CT has to continuously maintain his certifications.

Robert Pope New London CT is certified in the safety industry and an Authorized safety Trainer. To maintain his professional credentials, he has to become recertified every four years. He is also a member of various professional safety organizations. He is an original member since 1993 and renews his membership every year. He developed an evaluation program to help safety professionals further understand the safety needs in the business.

Safety is important to Robert Pope New London CT. In addition to consultation work, he’s held a number of important safety leadership roles. In 1990, he was part of mobile cranes and rigging safety management, asbestos abatement supervisor in 1996, hazardous waste supervisor in 1998, forklift safety trainer in 1999, and was lead abatement supervisor in 2000.


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