Robert M Pope New London CT

Safety Expert

Safety Training Provided by Robert Pope New London CT

Robert Pope New London CT understands safety. He is a work safety professional. He created his own company to promote his work in safety management. He has 25 years of experience. His work ranges from implementing safety programs, safety training, investigation and reconstruction, to record-keeping.

As a safety professional, it is Robert Pope New London CT’s job to implement the best safety procedures possible. He uses his expertise to not only look at work safety risks, but prepare individuals with the safety knowledge they need to operate machinery. He works to protect workers by providing required training. He also provides new employee safety orientations.

In addition to implementing training sessions for new employees or as a safety refresher, Robert Pope New London CT reviews and edits contracts to include safety requirements of all employers. While it may seem like it is outside the scope of work safety or safety on the job, he also sets up drug testing programs for companies.

Robert Pope New London CT’s ability to judge safety is reinforced every four years. Since 1995, he has been industry certified. He is recertified every four years. He is also an Authorized safety Trainer. He became authorized as a trainer in 1999 and becomes recertified every four years.  From 1996 to 1998, he was a certified Associate Safety Professional and worked a number of supervisory positions in the past including: mobile cranes and riggings safety management, lead abatement supervisor, asbestos abatement supervisor, forklift safety trainer, and hazardous waste supervisor.

In 1996, Robert Pope New London CT received acknowledgement for Continuous Quality Improvement by Tompkins Builders. He is a practicing safety professional in multiple states and in 2012, copyrighted a Proprietary Safety evaluation program. He developed an evaluation program to help safety professionals further understand the safety needs in the business.


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