Robert M Pope New London CT

Safety Expert

Work Safety Promoted by Robert Pope New London CT

No matter where you work, safety is important. If you have machines to run or repair, you want to practice work safety. This minimizes how much a business or company has to pay out for injured employees. Beyond the importance of keeping costs down, it is of course important to ensure the safety of employees, so that they can work with confidence and complete the job. There are a number of strategies companies utilize to protect employees. Some install security shields, automatic shut-off technologies, and a number of mandatory safety programs.

Robert Pope New London CT is no stranger to worker safety. He works in the safety industry and carries 25 years of work with him. This is because he is industry certified and an Authorized safety Trainer.

He has been certified since 1995. It is a position that he has to become recertified for every four years. He became recertified in 2012, making him certified for the position until 2016. He must also be recertified as an Authorized safety Trainer every four years as well. He was first authorized in 1999. He will need to be recertified again in May, 2016.

As a safety professional, Robert Pope New London CT has dedicated his life to minimizing the dangers to workers in industry. He has seen a number of incidents that could have been avoided with proper safety protocol. Robert Pope New London CT promotes safety awareness from all ranks of the industry; from the men operating machinery to the supervisors overseeing the work.

Robert Pope New London CT provides safety programs and site specific safety plans. He provides safety inspections and evaluations. When a work accident occurred, he performs investigations. To date, Robert Pope New London CT has concluded over 600 accident investigations and reconstructions. He also maintains record-keeping about each incident.


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