Robert M Pope New London CT

Safety Expert

Robert Pope’s Ways to Maintain a Safe Work Environment

Robert Pope from New London, CT works in the safety industry. His main job is to evaluate and make sure that the work on a job site is being carried out to the safety regulations & requirements. Robert Pope knows the ins and outs of how to maintain a safe work environment. Here are a few tips on how to be safe while on the job.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Whether you are on a job or in an office setting, always be aware of what/who you are around. This awareness should curb the way you carry out the actions of your job to make sure no one gets hurt.

Always be vigilant. Everything never goes as planned. Be aware of a change in your workplace and take note of these changes. Have these changes keep you aware of what might possibly happen if you should carry out your work as normal, and make the decision based on if this is the safest way.

Always be prepared to work, physically and mentally. If your job is one that requires a lot of physical activity or heavy lifting, be sure to properly stretch out beforehand to reduce the probability of a pull or strain in your muscles. No matter what job you are performing, always show up in a sober state of mind to carry out your occupation. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. No one wants to work with a drunk, and this increases the probability of you causing an accident in the workplace tremendously.

These are a few tips of Robert Pope’s that will help maintain safety in your place of work. Some of these tips are common sense, but usually get overlooked by workers regularly. If you are confused or have any questions about any safety procedures, contact your job’s safety inspector.


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