Robert M Pope New London CT

Safety Expert

Keeping Up to Date with Certification is Key to Robert Pope

In any line of work, being certified is of large importance. When an employer sees you have experience, their interest definitely grows. But, when they see you are certified, they now see that you not only have experience, but you can perform your job within the guidelines of a professional standard. Robert Pope of New London, CT understands the need to be certified in his field of work. Robert Pope has many years of experience. Along with his impressive experience, he also understands that he needs to keep up to date with the certifications that go along with his job.

Robert Pope has been certified since 1995. Seeing the importance of this certification, Robert has completed the mandatory re-certification process every 4 years, and is currently certified until 2016. Robert Pope is also a member of various professional safety organizations. Robert first became a member of a professional safety organization in 1993, and maintains annual memberships. Along with these, Robert Pope is also a safety trainer. Robert was first authorized as a safety trainer in 1999.

Seeing the way that Robert Pope of New London, CT maintains his certifications really shows us how important it is to be certified in your field of work. Robert knows that to be taken seriously and as a professional requires you to be able to prove that you have completed whatever certifications your career calls for. This not only shows how professional you are, but it also shows possible employers that you take your career seriously. In any field of work, try to find what possible certifications are needed to become the best at your job.


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