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Robert Pope’s Ways to Succeed in Owning Your Own Company

Robert Pope from New London, CT works in the safety industry and he owns his own company. Robert Pope knows how to operate your own business successfully. One of the first things Robert believes in is ‘do what you know.’ Robert Pope has 25 years of experience in the field of safety. He has worked with many companies in the past gaining this experience to be confident enough to start his own company.

Robert Pope also knows how to network, which is another important aspect to have when starting your own company. Robert has his professional profile on the professional social media site LinkedIn. Along with his professional profile, he also has his businesses profile on LinkedIn to add to the possible exposure of his company.

Along with the social media networking, Robert Pope is also a member of organizations that allow his to talk and interact with others in his same field of work. Robert is certified in safety, a member of various safety organizations, and a Safety Trainer.

These are a few aspects to work on when starting your own business. Robert Pope says to make sure this is what you want to do, because it is a long-term decision. Also be ready to deal with problems when they arise by planning out every step in your business plan. You must have a passion for what you are doing, because without that, your company will most likely fail. Robert Pope plans on continuing to grow his business by sticking to these rules, and finding new ones along the way. Hopefully these points help you assess whether or not you have what it takes to make your business idea a reality.


Robert Pope’s Ways to Maintain a Safe Work Environment

Robert Pope from New London, CT works in the safety industry. His main job is to evaluate and make sure that the work on a job site is being carried out to the safety regulations & requirements. Robert Pope knows the ins and outs of how to maintain a safe work environment. Here are a few tips on how to be safe while on the job.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Whether you are on a job or in an office setting, always be aware of what/who you are around. This awareness should curb the way you carry out the actions of your job to make sure no one gets hurt.

Always be vigilant. Everything never goes as planned. Be aware of a change in your workplace and take note of these changes. Have these changes keep you aware of what might possibly happen if you should carry out your work as normal, and make the decision based on if this is the safest way.

Always be prepared to work, physically and mentally. If your job is one that requires a lot of physical activity or heavy lifting, be sure to properly stretch out beforehand to reduce the probability of a pull or strain in your muscles. No matter what job you are performing, always show up in a sober state of mind to carry out your occupation. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. No one wants to work with a drunk, and this increases the probability of you causing an accident in the workplace tremendously.

These are a few tips of Robert Pope’s that will help maintain safety in your place of work. Some of these tips are common sense, but usually get overlooked by workers regularly. If you are confused or have any questions about any safety procedures, contact your job’s safety inspector.

3 Reasons Why Robert Pope Loves Volunteering

These days, most people won’t ‘waste’ their time doing anything that won’t make them money. Volunteering has become less popular as everyone is searching for jobs to make the big bucks in today’s economy. Robert Pope believes that volunteering is the farthest thing from a waste of time. Robert Pope of New London, CT served at a volunteer firefighter and EMT before moving on to his current occupation. Here are some of the reasons Robert Pope loves volunteering.

  1. There are always people who need help. You do not have to go far to find a family or person who is struggling in one-way or another. Volunteering to help them in any way can make a huge difference in their life. Don’t have money to help them financially? Don’t worry. Grab a lawnmower. Mow their lawn, give them clothes that don’t fit anymore, or even volunteer to drive them somewhere.
  2. The reward of it all. After you see the impact that your deed has made, no matter how large or small, it makes the whole effort worthwhile. People need help, and lending them that help can make their whole day, week, or even year, and that feeling is amazing.
  3. The Golden Rule. In today’s economy, you never know when you might be in need of help. Things can go awry fast, and you might be the one needing help, and someone might come to help you out the same way you helped out the family or person that you did. Help others while you can.

These are some reasons why Robert Pope is pro-volunteering. Robert urges you to go out and find someone who might need help and assist them. This will be the most useful and worthwhile way to spend your time.

Interacting with Other People in Your Field of Work is Important to Robert Pope

In most every field of work that there is, there will always be others who share the same career with you and deal with the same things that you do. Becoming a member of organizations that are made up of people in the same field of work that you are in can be a helpful tool in furthering your career. By interacting with others that share the same job or interests, you get to see a different point of view on your job, and can possibly learn helpful tips that you have never thought of. Robert Pope in New London, CT, understands that.

Robert Pope is a member of various professional safety organizations. Being in the safety industry, this gives Robert Pope a chance to talk and speak with the members of this organization who are in the same field of work as he is. This can give him an outlet to express concerns to fellow co-workers, or even receive advice on a reoccurring problem that he encounters. Another very important aspect of becoming a member of an organization in your field of work is networking. Being surrounded by the people that you share the same occupation with will give you the opportunity to meet people and trade contact information and resumes. If something were to happen to your job, you now have to chance to contact one of your organization members to inquire about a possible job opening.

Robert Pope knows the importance of being a member of these professional safety organizations. Robert also sees how imperative it is to keep up with the re-certification or annual membership fees that go along with these organizations. By having a group of successful people that share your interests and career, you can achieve much more than you could by yourself.

Keeping Up to Date with Certification is Key to Robert Pope

In any line of work, being certified is of large importance. When an employer sees you have experience, their interest definitely grows. But, when they see you are certified, they now see that you not only have experience, but you can perform your job within the guidelines of a professional standard. Robert Pope of New London, CT understands the need to be certified in his field of work. Robert Pope has many years of experience. Along with his impressive experience, he also understands that he needs to keep up to date with the certifications that go along with his job.

Robert Pope has been certified since 1995. Seeing the importance of this certification, Robert has completed the mandatory re-certification process every 4 years, and is currently certified until 2016. Robert Pope is also a member of various professional safety organizations. Robert first became a member of a professional safety organization in 1993, and maintains annual memberships. Along with these, Robert Pope is also a safety trainer. Robert was first authorized as a safety trainer in 1999.

Seeing the way that Robert Pope of New London, CT maintains his certifications really shows us how important it is to be certified in your field of work. Robert knows that to be taken seriously and as a professional requires you to be able to prove that you have completed whatever certifications your career calls for. This not only shows how professional you are, but it also shows possible employers that you take your career seriously. In any field of work, try to find what possible certifications are needed to become the best at your job.

Finding Which Field of Work is For You is Important to Robert Pope

When searching for what job is the right one for you, it is important to try out different fields of work, maybe even volunteer. It is not the case that you will want to jump right in to a field of work that you have majored in, or have even dreamt about. The only true way to find out which career is for you is to try it out. Chances are you might not like the job that you thought you would love, and you might love the job that you thought you would hate. Robert Pope started as a volunteer firefighter, but now, he works in the safety industry living in New London, CT.

Robert Pope was a volunteer firefighter. Since he now works in the safety industry, you can see how Robert Pope found that while he was a volunteer firefighter how he would eventually do something that dealt with safety.

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