Robert M Pope New London CT

Safety Expert

Robert Pope Volunteer Firefighter

Serving as a firefighter is no doubt one of the most dangerous jobs one can choose. With that being said, it is also one of the most needed and appreciated jobs on Earth. We all remember when we were kids, and we all wanted to be a doctor, astronaut, or firefighter. Robert Pope was one of these kids, and got to live the dream of being a volunteer firefighter and EMT.

Robert Pope became a volunteer firefighter in 1981. Volunteering to put one’s self in harm’s way is something that most people do not do. Seeing as there is always a chance that something wrong could happen, you could say that these firefighters are some of the bravest people. In an atmosphere where you deal with such an uncontrollable element such as fire, many times situations become intense and unpredictable. Robert Pope knew this when he signed up, and stayed on as a volunteer from 1981 – 1985.

We thank these fearless members of the fire department all the time, but no one can really understand what they go through unless you experience it first-hand. Robert Pope experienced this for four years. Robert put himself in harm’s way to help others and to make sure that everything could be done for someone in a desperate situation. These bold and courageous members of our society never get much recognition for the acts that they do, but I hope they all know how much we appreciate their selfless acts to help others in need.

Although Robert Pope moved on to a career in the safety industry after four years as a volunteer, you can bet that somewhere along the way he helped someone in need at a scary point in his or her life. There is always a need for more people to be at the service of others, and Robert Pope realized this, and became a volunteer firefighter.


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